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My latest bioglyphe (of a mega size 1.60 x 2.40 meter, with around 12’000 hieroglyphics) is dedicated for an unique personality, founder of a nation, unique visionary, pioneering developer, with great respect for human and nature, and this year is his 100 years anniversary…………………..

I as European and cosmopolitan contemporary painter I decided to dedicate my latest artwork to him because his personality has created through him and during his all life a milestone of human history. He is forever unforgettable not only in the past, but his visions are manifested today in a region of our world with unique developments all kinds. ……

More information will follow….

Handing over of this very special artwork will be autumn 2018


Bioglyphe: Apple

Blind vor Liebe

Cricket on Ice St. Moritz 2018



Gefällt mir